Monique was born in eastern Ontario where she still lives.  Bilingual, she studied at Carleton University and l’Université du Québec in “Change Management”.  The greater part of her career was spent working in human resources and adult education.


Since 2010 Monique was able to reconnect with her long held wish to express her creativity through visual art.  In doing so she discovered a true passion for painting.  Nature and history being big interests, her travels around the world mainly in Europe, Asia and America provided her the inspiration for her painting. Through her creations Monique evokes in us memories and sometimes dreams allowing the viewer to constantly rediscover meanings in her art.


Although her preferred choice of medium is oil on canvas, she will occasionally incorporate acrylics and soft pastels in her art.  Monique is passionate about figurative and abstract art; she has therefore developed her own approach to combine both.   Although at times she may encounter setbacks or “painter’s block” the beauty of art is that we are often guided by our emotions of the moment that unleashes our creativity.  The result of these moments can translate into an art piece that is simply amazing and an indication that Monique’s creations are truly in harmony with her heart and soul.  Her technique as with most artists is constantly evolving. Mastering visual art for Monique is a tireless source of creation and challenge she embraces with determination and joy.  Each creation is a project of many hours, sometimes many days. 





Monique is mainly a self-taught artist, however, for many years now she has invested in oil painting classes.  In addition to these classes she has attended the following workshops, and conferences:


  • Workshop on perspective drawing 

  • Workshop on portrait drawing

  • Workshop on impressionist style painting

  • Workshop on intuitive style painting

  • Workshop in impasto painting technique

  • Workshop in hachure painting technique

  • Workshop on the painting technique of combining China ink and oil paints

  • Conference on “Golden” products and use techniques

  • Conference on Abstract painting « Mystères et Conceptions »





Monique has participated in various activities and initiatives related to visual arts:




  • Group exhibit - Manoir Portobello, Orléans – 2010

  • Group exhibit with the Artists’ Association Clarence Rockland (AARC) – 2012 and 2018

  • Group exhibit - St-Albert Curd Festival– 2012

  • Group exhibit - Casselman Christmas Festival – 2013 to 2019

  • Group exhibit - Canadian Cancer Society fundraising – 2014

  • Group exhibit - Chenail in Hawkesbury – 2016, 2017 and 2018

  • Solo exhibit - Shantaly Salon in Embrun – 2016

  • Group exhibit entitled « En Vedette » - La Maison des Arts in Embrun – 2016

  • Group exhibit for a fundraising initiative for  « Valoris » at the Shantaly Salon in Embrun – 2016

  • Group exhibit - Rockland River Festival – 2017

  • Group exhibit for the “150 Reasons to be Canadian” initiative in Rockland – 2017

  • Group exhibit - Arbor Art Gallery for the “150 reasons to be Canadian”initiative in Vandleek Hill - 2017

  • ArTour Prescott-Russell – Art and Studio Tour – 2017

  • Group exhibit – Ottawa School of Arts fundraiser – 2017

  • Exhibit and conference - Eugène-Racette Gallery of the MIFO - 2018

  • Group exhibit - Rockland Library - 2018

  • Group exhibit at the Lee-Matasi Gallery, Ottawa School of Art -Byward Campus in Ottawa 2017, 2018, 2019

  • Group exhibit at the Festival de la Bine de Plantagenet in Plantagenet 2018

  • Group exhibit - 10th anniversary of the Artist Association of Clarence-Rockland - 2019

  • Solo Exhibit at the St-Albert Public Library - 2019

  • Symposium - TRAD Day at le Chenail Cultural Center - 2019

  • Art piece on exhibit on the CAPRAC Virtual Gallery - 2019-2020

  • Art piece on exhibit in the Municipality of Casselman office in l'Orignal - 2020


Other: (workshops, volunteer work, donations)


  • Occasionally Monique organizes and offers painting workshops for beginners - 2016-2019

  • In collaboration with the Municipality and the Public Library of Casselman to promote the local and regional artists.

  • For a number of years now, during the Casselman Christmas Festival, Monique organizes an exhibit for local and regional artists - 2013-2019.  She has also opened this initiative to the schools of our municipality.

  • Donation of an art piece for the Casselman Christmas Festival – 2013-2019

  • Donation of an art piece for the Séguin d’Amérique Association – 2015

  • Donation of an art piece to the office of our Federal Member of Parliament - 2018





  • Artists’ Association Clarence-Rockland (AACR)

  • Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC)

  • Ottawa School of Arts (OSA)

  • Society of Canadian Artists (SCA)

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